Chicken breast paprika sauce polenta

I realize I have posted similar  recipes before. Alas, it  tastes so good!. The combination is a successful one, one that bears repeating…

The chicken is is not the problem, it just gets wrapped in Serrano ham and browned on both sides. Then it gets popped in the oven… at 150-200C, depending on how much of a hurry you are in, maybe 20 minutes at 180 C.

The sauce starts with a shallot and a clove of garlic, finely chopped and sauteed. Add a finely chopped pepper. I was then faced with a directional decision… I took the high ground and added a swig of Marsala (a sweet wine from Sicily) and a good measure of fresh pepper and salt. After everything was reduced enough, I pureed the mix and strained the contents to get rid of everything that could stick to your teeth. The rest was thickened with cornstarch (mind you- very little cornstarch, less than a teaspoon). I had added a shallow teaspoon of sugar while sauteéing and decided to put some good vinegar to use. I let that cook down and adjusted the spices.

The result was a succulent Poitrine of Poulet  with a Sauce de Pimiento, served with polenta, fried in olive oil.

For another view, here is a variation.

of course there was a salad on the side…

This chicken was ‚a point‘- just right! The sauce was simple, but elegant, because I strained it and tied it together with 1/2 tsp cornstarch. The best part was the salad, a perfect complement!.

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  1. Sieg H. sagt:

    Looks very tasty. Now I wanna go home and cook!

    Gefällt mir

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