Too fishy!

This being a Friday, I was trying to think of something to cook to ring in the weekend. More and more, fish has become a welcome alternative to meat and other choices (pizza et al). If the sauces on this blog look similar, it’s because they are similar. Never change a winning team. Just kidding! The previous sauces were classic bechamel with saffron and wine/ Noilly Prat, this one is a veloute with some lobsterbutter added for extra flavor. I also added some  lemon juice and salt and a pinch of cayenne. For the vegetables, I found the micro-asparagus at the supermarket, along with the button mushrooms and the peas. Those I bought still in the pod. God knows where they are in season now!

I steamed the asparagus separately, about 5 minutes, strained them and plunged them in ice water. Then I added the cleaned mushrooms (champignons) and the peas. I put the lid on the pot for about 5 minutes. You can see in the picture I used small mushrooms. In the end, it was easy. The vegetables were only to be swirled in butter for a minute, so all that was left to do was to cook the fish. I salted it with rough sea salt, gave it 3 diagonal cuts (the sea bass) and put it in the skillet. My better half hates fishbones, so she got salmon filet, I love sea bass, so here are two pictures on one basic theme.