With summer in full swing, I had the urge to make a typical american steak in a typical american style. What better than to barbeque the meat! That said, the rest was easy- it had to be corn. Not shown is the healthy salad we had as a side.

The corn, by the way, came in it’s husk and not frozen or in a can-just sayin‘

Instead of potatoes or some other warm starch we had pieces of bread to sop up the juices.

The steak was every bit as good as I remember it to be in times long gone.

It’s absolutely necessary to stand there and watch it and turn it  so it doesn’t turn into shoe leather!

The only thing I made for this steak was the herb-butter. This was made with a clove of garlic, chives. lemon juice and parsley.

Everyone wanted more after the first taste and it was easy to anticipate the time it would run out.

To bbq the steak, salt and pepper it, put it on a very hot grill and give it a few (about 5 minutes) on the BBQ. Be sure to get it off the grill sooner should it show signs of cooking too much.