Duck Breast Pumpkin Potato Flan Brussels Sprouts Orange Sauce

Celebrating my return to Germany with a recipe I’m sharing in English (even though there is a Translator below), I do want to thank my relatives again for the wonderful days and weeks you let me enjoy. A special thanks to the folks in New York, where I felt a special interest in my blog and my recipes. This one’s for you.

I bought a duck breast from a special butchery that has what is called „Label rouge“ quality poultry and is a french designation that describes the highest level of free range poultry world wide.

Wanting to make something befitting the season, I thought a flan of pumpkin and potato might be a good idea. To make this, I peeled and cut in 3 cm pieces 7 oz. of Hokkaido pumpkin, followed by the same amount of potatoes. These were baked in the oven at maximum temperature (because my oven knows no other temperature), with a little butter to improve the taste. When they were done after about 30 minutes, I let them cool off a bit, then took my immersion blender, added salt, pepper and a pinch of Cayenne and finally a whole egg and about a tsp of Corn starch and blended everything together. Then I put the mass into 4 shapes I normally use for muffins or other savory mixes and put the forms into the oven. I had to cover them after about 10 minutes, on account of the high heat. They needed another 15 minutes to set.

In the meantime, I cleaned some Brussels Sprouts, meaning I took off the outer leaves. I have given up cooking the Sprouts, they just taste too bland. When you roast them, they develop a great taste, you just have to be carful not to burn them. I added some butter and salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Then I prepared the duck breast. I made diagonal cuts in the fat with a sharp knife, then seasoned the meat with salt and pepper.

Now was the time to prepare the sauce: A piece of butter, garlic and a shallot, just fried translucent, juice from an orange added and cooked down a bit, then a swig of Cointreau or Triple Sec, also a Tbs of good vinegar (red wine, sherry, apple cider, not Balsamico). To finish the sauce, add a Tsp of Corn Starch mixed with water Tsp by Tsp. When you have your desired thickness stop adding the starch.

The breast fried in a hot skillet on the skin side, which I turned as soon as the fat was rendered. I turned it then, put the timer on 10 minutes and put the skillet in my super hot oven.

In the end, everything was super hot. I let the duck breast rest while I put the Pumpkin flan and the Sprouts in place. Finally, I cut it in slices and places it on the plate.

I haven’t posted anything here for a while, and the photo enhancement software of my choice (Photoscape X/Freeware) has become very sophisticated and caused me some frustrations tonight. They changed some procedures around that irritated me, but in the end I figured it out :-). Anyway, I hope you like the recipe and maybe will try it out. It was very „lecker“ (tasty in German) and, as a Fall recipe, I would recommend it. I also think that mushrooms would go really well with the flan 🙂