Mussels Muscheln ‚Old Bay‘

A few days ago my friend K. gave me a spice mixture she said she has shipped from the US by her brother and by the pound. I think it is a little like the famous ‚Old Bay‘ spice mixture prevalent in states with a shoreline and people interested in seafood.

As chance would have it, September is a month with ‚R‘, Ms. B and I love mussels and shopped a place that had them. We got 2 kg just to make sure we wouldn’t run out. I prepared the mussels the usual way, checked for broken shells and mussels that wouldn’t open or close.

Then I boiled some water with some white wine, added carrots, celery, parsley, onion, lemon eights and leeks and about 2 heaping tablespoons of the secret spice. This may have been a bit much, but the taste was good if a little salty (but not too much), it was also a little spicy, something I like. We served a salad on the side and had baguette to sop up the fluid.

We went through the mussels very quickly and I would do it again- maybe next week?