Brats braised Onions Asparagus

I had some brats in the freezer, short german brats with a coarse filling of ground pork with the usual spices and herbs, marjoram, coriander seeds, mace and mustard seeds.
But I also had about a pound of asparagus that needed to be made.
I decided it would be a match and went to work.
First, I peeled the asparagus and placed the stems in a pan with an inch of water and a teaspoon of salt and sugar both. I let it come to a boil and cooked them about ten minutes until I could pierce the stems all the way through without too much resistance. Then I removed them from the water and rested them on the side.

After cleaning the pan, I reused it to slowly braise two onions, one white and one red, both cut in long stripes, in some olive oil. After a while I added the brats and browned them on all sides.
By that time the onions had turned soft and I added a Tbsp of Tomato paste that I mixed under the onion mixture. After it had begun to brown, I deglazed the pan with Port, let it evaporate, and added a glass of red wine. After a few minutes there was a transformation in the onions, they became more saucy and creamy. I added salt, pepper and cayenne and turned off the heat.

Then I turned on my fast oven, put the asparagus in there and warmed it for a few minutes. After taking it back out, I added some butter to the stalks and arranged the onions, brats and asparagus on the plate.
A slightly unusual mix perhaps, but tasty nonetheless.
I don’t know about the growing season in the US, but in Germany the season ends on Johanni, which falls on the 24th of June. So for everyone who hasn’t had their fill of fresh asparagus, white or green, now’s the time to satisfy that urge! 🙂

2 Kommentare zu “Brats braised Onions Asparagus

  1. BAG sagt:

    haha, picture is nice, Kind of phallic 🙂
    But I am sure it tasted wonderful.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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