Beef Noodle Soup

Anyone who has ever opened a can of Campbell’s Beef Noodle Soup should try this at home. I don’t claim that Campbell’s is a bad product, just that you can make a very satifying, improved and versatile base yourself and add whatever you prefer.
To make my base, I loosely used a recipe I saw on Heston Blumenthal’s website. Blumenthal is a scientist/3 Michelin starred cook in England with a different way to do things in the kitchen.
I used beef bones, beef shank and marrow bones, which I put into a pressure cooker along with 2 liters of water. Once the pot came to a boil, I turned the heat down to a simmer and cooked it for an hour. Then I cooled the pot, removed bone and beef and added chopped soup vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley, leeks and onion) and cooked it the same way, for an hour.
To this stock you can add peppercorns, laurel leaves and allspice, if you want.
The stock is normally cooked until the fluid is reduced by half. Then you can add salt or more exotic condiments like soy sauce.

For my soup, I added broad beans sliced in small pieces, as well as carrots and parsley. Toward the end of the cooking process I added the beef I had removed from the shanks and had cut into bite sized pieces. Also, the noodles I used and remind me a lot of the Campbell soup can noodles of my childhood are japanese Udon noodles. Slurpy and wonderful!

5 Kommentare zu “Beef Noodle Soup

  1. Wunderbar!
    Schon beim Anschauen bekommt man einen unwiderstehlichen Appetit!

    Gefällt mir

  2. That looks like a party in a bowl!! Yummy!!

    Gefällt mir

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