Short Ribs BBQ Sauce Corn

Going shopping in KA, I had my sights on a piece of veal liver, but that wasn’t meant to be… Rather than getting too many mussels (and feeling guilty about not buying at my local fishmonger), I walked the aisles and saw… ribs!

I love ribs! I love beef ribs too, but you just can’t get them here. Short ribs it was, then. First I was thinking salad, when the obvious hit me – corn. Of course its out of season, but they have it in vacuum foil, no problem.

Since I bought a pressure cooker last week, I decided to try it with the ribs. I usually pre-cook them anyway, because I find they stay juicier. For this recipe I just barely covered the 3 pieces I had cut from the rack, added 3 berries of allspice, 5 juniper berries and a bay leaf, put the lid on, turned up the heat and reduced it as soon as the pressure indicator rose up, and cooked them for 15 minutes. Then I depressurized the pot quickly and soaked the ribs in sauce. Then I put them in an ovenproof  dish and baked them to get the sauce on them better (about 15 minutes). They were ready after that.

The sauce:

3 Tbs Oil

5 Tbs Tomato concentrate

Spice mix

/2 Tbs Ancho chips, dried

1 Cascabel chili, dried

1 Serrano chili, dried

1 Tbs Onion powder

1 fresh clove of garlic

2 Tbs white wine vinegar

2 Tbs maple syrup

1 Tbs Pimenton de la Vera


I ground the whole spices in a Braun coffee bean grinder until they were a powder.

The tomato paste was roasted in the oil first, the spices were added with a swig of Port. Then a half quart of water.

When tasting the mix after it’s flavors had melded, I decided to add 3 medium sized tomatoes, for extra flavor and acid.

That turned out to be a good decision. For this evening I was happy with the result, but feel free to add things like lemon/orange/lime zest or juice, other sugars instead of maple syrup or

other acids. The sauce had some heat, but I wound up breaking out the pickled jalapenos for some extra tickle – in other words, even amateurs could have taken this heat.

I decided against a carbohydrate (the corn has some, anyway) and was happy with that. A rack of ribs and the corn filled me up and the lesson learned was not to buy commercial BBQ sauces anymore,

this one was tasty!




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