Restaurant visit Tübingen – Mauganeschtle

For the second time in two weeks I found myself in Tübingen. This week for the unique Christmas market ( a market that meanders throughout the old city or Altstadt with hundreds of booths – not kidding!), last week for a famous chocolate market. I didn’t realize back in the day, when I would visit my good friend regularly in Tübingen that it had all this going on. Actually, it probably didn’t, but came across a snake-oil city marketer sometime in the last dozen years or so. No matter, the city is charming and it was fun to go, even with the events so close together.

Last week my party and I got hungry at some point, and I chose a place that advertised pasta. It turned out that the entrance was the back door to a place whose normal entrance was in a small mall and the only dishes they had were take-out pizza and microwaved pasta.

I couldn’t believe this could happen to me and vowed to correct this serious lapse of judgement.

Last week we had walked up the hill of the old part of town to get to the castle with a great view of the town. And just before you get to the castle gate there is a hotel/restaurant on the right that looks really pretty called Mauganeschtle.

I was doubtful whether we would be lucky enough to get a seat, but we did and were rewarded with an excellent view and a very nice service. My party selected a mesclun salad with chicken filet slices with a sesame seed coat served with a raspberry vinaigrette. I had a taste and it was very good.

The menu showed the restaurant to be a place that had numerous swabian specialities, but specialized in making „Maultaschen“, a kind of swabian monster-ravioli. Since we are in the middle of the Christmas season, the weekly special was goose maultaschen with red cabbage.

It was wonderful! I had had red cabbage the night before at the company party and there was no comparison. This had the typical spices (cinnamon, allspice, cloves), and had hints of orange along with a sweetness that made it terrific.

The goose maultaschen were very tasty and succulent, consisting mainly of goose meat, cooked and passed through the grinder.

They were moist and tasty and had a thin layer of noodle dough encasing them.

I had never had them before, never even seen them on a menu and thought they were great.

It was a really nice lunch and I can only recommend going there. I thought it might be touristy, but we were the only tourists there. The waiter was friendly, and realizing my party spoke no German started to speak and joke in English.

A very nice experience.


I don’t have any pictures of the meal or restaurant, but this is a view from the castle above (which now houses the philosophical and mathematical branches of the famous university).


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