Ein Nachzügler/ An earlier post

Shocked as I was by my GF’s announcement that I was starving her, I turned a new leaf (and fed her).
The proof is in the pudding, or rather the picture of the scallops on a bed of spinach. The spinach had shallots and garlic as a base, there was nutmeg and a bit of cream. The second batch of shallots were fried in brown butter to be soft in the middle (like me). To this went a swig of Noilly Prat, some white wine and another swig of cream. Then some fish fumet to add some substance. Mind you, there wasn’t much sauce, just twice the amount you see on the picture. But I think it tasted good and looked decent. The tomatoes add visual contrast and a good complement to the spinach. The plate is an heirloom from my mom and I always thought it looked good with fish (rather than meat, must be the color). It’s Tuesday night and I’ve got the rest of the week off. LET’S CELEBRATE!!!


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