Meine Lieblingsvorspeise/My favourite food

Recently I wrote a post about how my mother couldn’t really cook very well. This is still true, but what is also true is the fact that she was a person interested in new things, tastes, and experiences.
In this sense, she took me on an expedition to taste the world (within our means).
We would go out to eat sometimes, and she would ask me whether I was interested in trying her food.
This was fascinating to me, and I developed a liking for unusual foods such as snails at an early age.
One first course we never enjoyed in a restaurant, because it was simply unknown in Germany of the day, was artichoke. Artichoke has to be my end-all favorite first course/vegetable/food.
All I did with these was bind them in the classic way, with a lemon slice on top, and place them in my trusty Braun steamer for an hour.
They turned out great, not mushy, but tender.- My better half made her incredible mustard-oil mix to dip them in-wonderful.

The best part is at the bottom of all the leaves. My mother used to make a lemon-butter sauce,
my better half prefers a mustard-oil dip. I like them both.
The best part is the bottom, covered in mustard in this picture.

This is a rare joy, a pleasure not often had. It needs to be homemade!

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