For a change of pace, an english post (I promised, Tiiu).This is a classic, and rightfully so. The word saltimbocca means ‚jump in your mouth‘. My mind dredged up a proverb from my ancient half-knowledge of Latin: ‚Hic Rhodos, hic salta‘ meaning This here is Rhodos, jump here, meaning put your money where your mouth is. Anyhow, apropos nothing, this just came to mind. I don’t cook this dish very often, but I really like eating it. Why? Well, the Italians have a real talent dressing up small quantities of meat with herbs  and placing them center-stage. The veal, ham and sage combine to make a very tasty melange of flavors. The side vegetables offer respite from sensory overload. This balances the dish very well. The amount of meat per person would make an American (or a German for that matter) laugh in disbelief, but it was more than enough when you add the sides.

You will need 2 veal cuts(escalope or schnitzel), 100 grams each
I cut them into very thin slices, so I had 3-4 per person.
Then as many small slices of Parma ham (you could also use the french or the spanish) as you have meat
and fresh sage leaves.
Salt and pepper the veal, place a piece of ham on top and fasten the sage leaf on top of that with a toothpick.
In the meantime prepare your vegetables. In this case I turned them into decorative shapes. (I usually steam vegetables according to their density; ie. the carrots are cooked with the potatoes, the snow peas and broccoli are added later).
Then heat the skillet with some olive oil, add the veal, meat side down first, give them a minute or two, then turn. When they are done, remove, keep warm, deglaze the pan with some sherry and white wine (not much, just for some moisture) and add a swig of olive oil. This is not really a sauce, but savory moisture.
Arrange the meat and vegetables on a plate and serve. Enjoy!


Ein Kommentar zu “Saltimbocca!

  1. Tiiu sagt:

    Sounds good and I'd like to try it, but i just might have to buy a half a calf, since veal is difficult to get here in Norway.:-))Tiiu

    Gefällt mir

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