Pork belly!

I have made this before and remembered it this morning. Then I planned my day: the market beckoned, time was at a premium. The market today was nice, I got peas, soup greens, snow peas, mushrooms, artichokes, leeks, green pepper, potatoes and green asparagus. I’m still missing fava beans, haven’t seen them, yet. The peas and artichokes were due today ; ). For this evening we agreed on pork belly, done by low temperature method. I bought a kilo of belly at the local butcher at Gutenbergplatz. Not wanting a sauce, I rubbed the downside with chimichurri seasoning (you couldn’t taste it later on). My plan was to make dinner for 20:00, so I put the belly in, skin side up, and criss-crossed in at 16:00. Temperature was 100 degrees Celsius. At 18:00, I added a Honey/Japanese vinegar mix 1/2&1/2 to the skin with a brush. I did this a few times.
At 19:00, I remembered I wanted to make oven wedges in olive oil and garlic. You can’t make them at 100 Celsius, so I raised the temp to 200 Celsius and removed the belly before it got too dark. Meanwhile, I shelled the peas and peeled the back third of the green asparagus, heated the vegetables seperately and joined them on the plate.The potatoes were done in 1/2 hour and allowed me to reheat the belly. All in all, the cooking of the rest of the meal only took 1/2 hour , if you disregard the time it takes to pop a piece of meat in the oven at 100 Celsius. The dish was intensely flavored and my better half said to tell everyone she is still patting her belly and purring over the meal. I will post a photo as soon as the system will let me.


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  1. hirmek27 sagt:

    Porc belly is a wonderful name – my proposal was Pierre belly – this would be a part of the jungle drum horse, hyhyhyhyhyyyy. But porc belly was very good, and the green asparagus and peas (I prefer shock frosted peas, but fresh is fresh ..). The potatoes have to be really greasy, otherwise they don't taste good. So some 100 points for this dish.

    Gefällt mir

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