2 Courses…

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to blog in a while, I was determined to cook something up (pardon the pun).
There were various inspirations for the first course, and, sadly to say, the originals were better.
Nonetheless, the time wasn’t wasted, and valuable lessons were learned.
For the marinade/ dressing, I small diced a shallot, garlic, a piece of leek, celery root and carrot, sauteed that, added Noilly Prat, white wine, and later, after it cooled off, some olive oil.
The sardines were gutted, cleaned and fried, as were the calamarettini. The mussels came pre-cooked, so I just steamed them to warm them. I had never used salicornes before, so I steamed that, too.

The result looked like this. The taste was OK in part. The squid wasn’t that great (maybe I didn’t clean it properly?), and the sardines have all those pesky fishbones! Oh well!

For my next number I took a potato from a bag of mealy potatoes, peeled it and used it on my wonderful grater to get thin slices. These slicec were placed in a warm pan into olive oil  in a rosetta shape and then fried.
The result is a pretty potato rosetta that tastes like a potato chip. The better half really liked this. I’ll make it again, but I think just a bit thicker. The sauce was shallots, garlic, port, red wine and renatured cepes (Steinpilze) mushrooms. This was rounded out with salt, pepper, sugar and thyme. Then I pureed it, getting a more creamy consistency. The taste was good, next time I’ll make it smoother again. For the rosetta garnish, I used rocket, for the filet mignon watercress was the green of choice.

Not too shabby for a Friday night!


5 Kommentare zu “2 Courses…

  1. hirmek27 sagt:

    Well, I don't think I should comment too much this time, because THIS time it's true, it looks better than it tasted. Except the potatoe rose or how do you call that thing … this was REALLY good. The filet was tasteless, this is no joke, and this was not Alex' fault, he knows how to fry those guys. The meat was soft and everything but it tasted like nothing. Weird. Maybe a virtual filet.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Nadja sagt:

    Haha what a flattering comment ;)I love seafood, especially in the summer with a nice glass of white wine :DMaybe you have a great recipe for seafood pasta you could share with us?

    Gefällt mir

  3. Alex sagt:

    Thanx for the comments. I'll try to post a pasta dish soon, it's just I haven't had any in a while. But there's a dinner coming up, and one of the guests would (die? kill? steal?) for pasta, so I guess I'll have to whip something up.Saturday morning power!(Market)

    Gefällt mir

  4. Nadja sagt:

    Cool! Can't wait 🙂 I assume the dinner guest you're talking about who would kill for some good pasta is me? 😉 jk.

    Gefällt mir

  5. Alex sagt:

    Actually, it's my oldest friend in KA, a man who'se appartment I shared for 7 years when I first moved to KA in '82. He should have been born Italian! The big night is this Saturday, so look for new posts maybe by Sunday evening…

    Gefällt mir

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